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[FIX] shellter wine: could not load kernel32.dll

After installing shellter & wine, you might encounter the following error. shellter wine: could not load kernel32.dll, status c0000135 This could be due to the incomplete/broken installation of wine. You may try to remove the wine prefix(~/.wine) and run again.
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VirtualBox VM fullscreen [FIX]

You may tried all methods to make your Linux VM in Virtual Box full screen but nothing worked.Right?  I also encountered the same issue, so here is the solution that worked for me. I was using Kali Linux and by default the guest additions comes preinstalled but that didn't solve my problem. I was not getting the window full screen. The below screenshot is before solving the issue. I tried to install the guest additions manually and noticed that the OS was unable to find the kernel headers.   Try the following steps to fix. 1) Update the modules and packages. sudo apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && apt dist-upgrade  2) Install the headers.   sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r) 3) Now install the guest additions tool.

Azure Log Analytics Agent will be retired on 31st August 2024. Migrate to Azure Monitor.

Microsoft has announced that the Azure log analytics agent will be retired on 31st August 2024. Customers should migrate to Azure Monitor Agent to monitor their assets.   Announcement : Migration guide : About Azure Monitor Agent :  

Bash Reverse Shell explained.


Microsoft best practices for ransomware protection

Microsoft best practices for ransomware protection 1) Prepare your recovery plan   This is the first phase, planning your recovery in the event of a ransomware attack. This will help the organization in limiting the damage and handle the situation efficiently and reduce the monetary loss. Ensure procedure to make accessing and disrupting the systems harder.   Identify and categorize your business-critical systems and apply best practices. Ensure that you have a working backup. For this make use of the Azure Backup services. It also provides built-in monitoring and alerting capabilities to view and configure actions for events related to Azure Backup. Make sure to implement steps to protect the integrity of the backup, implement principle of least privilege and adding an extra layer of authentication for critical operations, you're prompted to enter a security PIN before modifying online backups.   2) Limit the scope of the damage   Assume breach scenario. In the event of a successf

Free Certifications and Training [Feb 2024]

Consolidated list of Active free certifications and training. [Feb 2024] Course/Certification Link Kubernetes from KubeCampus Veeam Product training & Certifications CC- Certified in Cybersecurity from ISC2 EC-Council's Essentials Series from EC-Council Free Courses from Linux Foundation API Penetration testing, Fundamentals from APISECUniversity API Designer, Security Architect, Product Manager certifications JumpCloud Certification arcX Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) 101

What is the use of Microsoft Learn XP?

You may be wondering if there is are any benefits of accumulating XP points in the Microsoft Learn website. The answer is No and there are options such as redeeming to get Certification vouchers or swags (as of today).  Learn XP is only a representation of your learning progress.  To access the learn website :

[FIX] yt_dlp.utils.DownloadError: ERROR: You have requested merging of multiple formats but ffmpeg is not installed

[ISSUE] While running your python code or while executing a job : yt_dlp.utils.DownloadError: ERROR: You have requested merging of multiple formats but ffmpeg is not installed [CAUSE] Your code is unable to find ffmpeg installed in your system. [FIX] Install ffmpeg in your system. 1) Download ffmpeg package from Git or already compiled executable from the official website .  2) Once downloaded, extract the zip file and place it in your desired location. eg: C:\  3) Now add the ffmpeg bin directory location in the user environment variable path.     In the User variables section. Select Path and click on New.  Click on New and add the path. Now compile your code and it should work. For the python code to download YouTube playlist, visit

RUST errors due to outdated version | IDE

I haven't used IDE for a while and today, when i opened to do something, it was throwing me multiple errors. Error 1 : error: Found argument '--filter-platform' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context The rust-analyzer invokes the command cargo metadata with the flag --filter-platform. This flag was added in Rust 1.41.0. The older versions will give the following error. C:/.cargo/bin/cargo.exe metadata --verbose --format-version 1 --all-features --filter-platform x86_64-pc-windows-msvc stdout : error: Found argument '--filter-platform' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context Error 2 : Another error was Fetching Cargo Config failed. Execution failed (exit code 101). C:/.cargo/bin/cargo.exe -Z unstable-options config get stdout : stderr : error: no such subcommand: `config` Error 3 : Rust 1.39.0 which is no longer supported. It may lead to unexpected errors. Consider upgrading your toolchain to at least 1.56.0 Solution is to

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Core Processes.

 Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Processes. 1) Service Request Management Focuses on requests and responses for the IT help-desk items. The processes should be established and uniform. To reduce the workload on agents, organization may consider implementing self service options or chat-bots. 2) Service Catalogs Generally Service Catalogs is a central location/webpage with all the details for contacting the help-desk. It may also contain the self service options and solutions for common problems/issues. 3) Knowledge,Policy and Procedures. This is the knowledge base which controls the collection, maintenance and distribution of information sharing throughout the organization. It shall include the policies, standards, guidelines and the operating procedures for each process or tasks. 4) Incident Management. Defines process on how to handle a situation when an incident happens and how to fix the situation in an accelerated and organized manner. The objective is to reduce t

Download Microsoft Office 2019 offline installer.

When you do malware analysis of documents or office files, it is important to have Microsoft Office installed in your Lab machine. I am using flare VM and it doesn't comes with MS Office. Since Microsoft is promoting Microsoft 365 over the offline version, finding the offline installer is not that easy. Here is the list of genuine Microsoft links to download the office .img files.  Download Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus : Download Microsoft Office 2019 Professional : Download Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business : Download Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student :

Enhance your privacy on Microsoft Windows.

Windows comes preinstalled with a lot of bloatware, telemetry and unnecessary services enabled. This results in higher resource utilization and less privacy. This post introduces some free open tools that helps to enhance privacy on windows by disabling unnecessary services and bloatware. 1) Privatezilla Privatezilla integrates the most critical Windows 10 privacy settings and allows you to quickly perform a privacy check against these settings. Active settings are marked with the status "Configured" and indicates that your privacy is protected. The inactive ones are declared as "Not configured". All available settings (currently 60) can be enabled as well as disabled. Link : 2) Windows10Privacy Windows 10 Privacy Utility streamlines many of Windows 10's built in privacy settings into something that is easy for people to access on a single page while also providing an easy way to access hidden functions and additional t