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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

DoS Attacks : Smurf,Fraggle,Land

April 25, 2018 Posted by jaacostan ,

Smurf attack.

Smurf is a DoS attacking method. In this flood attack, it floods the victim with the ICMP echo packets instead of TCP SYN packets. Also, it is a spoofed broadcast ping request using the victim IP address as the Source IP.
Most of the modern devices can deter these kind of attacks and SMURF is rarely a threat today.
#hping3 -1 --flood --spoof <target> <broadcast_address>

Fraggle attack.

Similar to Smurf attack, but instead of using ICMP, Fraggle uses UDP packets over UDP ports 7 and 19. Also will broadcast a UDP packet using spoofed IP address of the victim. All the devices on the network will then respond to the victim similar to the Smurf attack.

Land attack

In this, the attacker sends spoofed SYN packets to the victim using the Victim's IP address and both source and destination IP. This results in the system constantly replying to itself can  crash the system.
#hping3 -c <packet_count> -s <src_port> -d <dst_port> --flood -a <victim_IP source spoof> <victim_IP>