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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Crossover or Straight-through Cable? Its Auto-MDIX

June 05, 2018 Posted by jaacostan , , ,
On older devices, we should choose the type of cables for connectivity. If it's same kind of device, then a crossover cable and if they are different, then a Straight-through cable. To overcome this inconvenience , there is a feature introduced on network devices , Auto-MDIX.
This feature automatically detects the required cable connection type for a connection. That is, whether to use straight or Crossover. If either one of the connection device supports Auto-MDIX, then no matter the device, you can use a crossover or a straight-through cable. It also needs the speed and duplex auto-negotiation feature being enabled on the device. 
In other words, with this feature enabled, the interface automatically corrects for any incorrect cabling.
And Automatic medium-dependent interface crossover (Auto-MDIX) is enabled by default (from IOS 12.2(20)SE on-wards).

Sample Manual configuration is shown below.