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Monday, January 13, 2020

New book on Security Incident handling

January 13, 2020 Posted by jaacostan ,

Security Incident Handling: A Comprehensive Guide on Incident Handling and Response


  • Security Incident Handling Framework
  • Types of threats and it's countermeasures
  • Building an effective security incident handling policy and team
  • Prepare a Security Incident Report

This book has four major sections,
The first section gives an introduction on Security incident Handling and response frameworks. Also give a glimpse on Security forensics and Risk Management concepts.
The second section explains different kinds of security threats and attacks that can result in potential security incident. Being familiarize with the attacks are very important for identifying and categorizing a security incident.
The third section mentions the security controls and countermeasures to detect, prevent or/and to mitigate a threat. This includes the detection mechanisms, defense in depth, vulnerability management etc.
The strategy and plan for building an efficient Security Incident Handing is comprehensively explained in the final section. The six phases of a security incident handling and response are explained step by step.  

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