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Monday, June 1, 2020

Kerala BevQ app : Improvements and Suggestions on Social Commitments

June 01, 2020 Posted by jaacostan
Release of the BevQ app might be a relief to many. Though the selling of Alcohol contributes huge revenue to the Government, there is always a social commitment to the citizens that they need to follow as well. Make availability of alcohol to those who are needy but at the same time, do measures to reduce the negative effects of alcohol in the society as well such as crime, over drinking, alcohol related nuisances/abuses etc. Below are some of my suggestions to improve the app for a social cause as well. No need to collect additional data. Instead use the existing data to get the statistics and help to provide awareness.
  1. Provide a noticeable link in the app, to know about the harmful effects of alcohol.
  2. Keep the statistics with the cost, accessible for both government and the consumer user (private), so that the user can view themselves and analyze how much they drink and how much money they spend on alcohol.Show the report with enticing example.For example, a user spent 10000 INR a month on alcohol, then show a message saying if you saved this money, you could have bought a Mobile phone or Grocery for a month etc. This might help them to think about spending more money on alcohol.
  3.  If any of the users exceeds the threshold level of buying alcohol, notify them with a push message in the app. Give awareness or contact details to control their drinking or to seek help. Make sure this is not for harassing/pestering a user, but to think and for awareness.
  4. Technology and Infrastructure to keep the collected data secure.
  5. If any of the users are repeatedly involved in alcohol related crimes or abuse, these statistics might help the government to prepare some plan to reduce such crimes by developing some measure.
Suggestions on App improvements.
  1. It would be better if the app could be developed with a search option, so that the user can select the product which he wants and also the information on the stock availability, price, alcohol content etc. 
  2. Provide online payment options, so that the user can show/scan the QR code for easy purchasing.
  3. Integrate with Aadhaar so that the age can be verified.