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Friday, June 19, 2020

New book on Incident Response and Handling.

June 19, 2020 Posted by jaacostan
Incident Handling and Response
As security professionals, our job is to reduce the level of risk to our organization from cyber security threats. However Incident prevention is never 100% achievable. So, the best option is to have a proper and efficient security Incident Management established in the organization. Proactive incident management helps to prepare the team and limit the damage.
I have written a book on Incident Response and Handling. This book provides a holistic approach for an efficient IT security Incident Management.
Key topics includes,
1) Attack vectors and counter measures.
2) Detailed Security Incident handling framework explained in six phases.
  1. _Preparation
  2. _Identification
  3. _Containment
  4. _Eradication
  5. _Recovery
  6. _Lessons Learned/Follow-up
3) Building an Incident response plan and key elements for an efficient incident response.
4) Building Play books.
5) How to classify and prioritize incidents.
6) Proactive Incident management.
7) How to conduct a table-top exercise.
8) How to write an RCA report /Incident Report.
9) Briefly explained the future of Incident management.
Also includes sample templates on playbook, table-top exercise, Incident Report, Guidebook.